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Luxury or necessity…

Using the prompt for
In Other Words
for my
Tuesday Chatter

“Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”

I wonder if Cher always felt this way or did it come with age and maturity? I remember being oh so young and needing a man to feel, I was going to say whole or complete, but the truth is I needed a man to feel I had any worth, any value.

I was so insecure and unsure within myself that I thought a boyfriend was what proved my parrot-316442_640worth, what made me beautiful and interesting. A man was what made me better than who I was, or so I thought.  Sad, huh? Makes me angry to think about that young woman who was so miserable because of her confusion and foolishness. That young woman made a lot of silly, and some not so silly mistakes!

Now I am oh so much older and know that I do have worth and beauty and I am interesting. Though still often confused and sometimes foolish I am who I am and ok with it. Would I like to be crazy in love again?  You bet! Is it necessary to be happy and fulfilled? Nope! Would I consider a man in my life a luxury? No, but it would be a sweet gift this time around.


In Other Words
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A day late is on time…


I am a day late with this week’s
Friendly Fill-Ins and Celebrating the Small Things,
but in my world these days it counts as on time.
So, here goes.

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 20

  1. The last movie I saw at the theater was so long ago I have no idea what it was!


2. The title of my autobiography would be  Crazy  Complexities, Complications, and Confusions. I think that describes my life quite well.


3. I would love to learn how to refinish/reupholster furniture…I think, but then maybe not.      See #2. 


4. I am glad that I learned to crochet because it is relaxing while doing something      productive, I make gifts for friends and sometimes for people I don’t know, and it keeps    me off the streets and out of the bars.


Celebrating the Small Things

This week I celebrate:

  • The weather is changing and I am so ready for cooler temps.
  • I finished one of two gifts that are needed next month.
  • I got through the day at work though I wanted to go home because I felt awful and thought I would feel better at home. As it was I got sicker when I got home but that is ok…it’s always better to be worse at home. 🙂
  • Today I feel fine.

All in all, it was a pretty good week!


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